Friday, April 24, 2009


Vespacific. It's not the cafe at Narrabeen that was recommended to me (turns out that one is next door), but it makes great coffee, the people are nice and I really like the decor. They have a couple of vespas on display plus an eclectic array of paintings and collectibles. The furniture is a mix of tables & chairs, and comfy looking red-leather (or vinyl) modern sofas. I love a good red sofa!

There's a bookshelf full of books (go figure) and magazines, and the whole room has a great feel. This is helped along by the polished concrete floor - not so much echo, so much less noisy.

I had a long black (as always) and a slice of lemon-lime tart and my hubby had a capp with home-made carrot cake. Yummy!!!!!

The cafe is on Ocean Street just across the road and up a bit from the Sands Hotel - opposite the beach. Find it!

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