Thursday, June 25, 2009

Festival Programs

We've started distributing programs to all our friends, leaving them on countertops around Sutherland and finally have the finished version available for download at our website.

Shire Coffee Festival

We are so excited and everything is so hectic at the moment that we will all need lots of coffee by the time the big day rolls around.

I ducked around to the White Horse Cafe the other day for a "refill" - lovely! I hear there's one or two good cafes down in Cronulla too. I've been to Nulla Nulla several times and always get a good cup there. I kind of miss going up to Narrabeen but an hour's drive (and an hour home again) just to get coffee??

Back to the coffee festival... we have stalls from White Horse Cafe, Mayan Coffee (and chocolate - yum!!), Chai Amore, Gloria Jeans, Mokodor (thanks Fix Cafe!) and La Casa del Caffe.

And some really great market stalls lined up too. Handcrafted costume jewellery, African arts, Indigo Crafts, Chocolate Essence, more jewellery... you'll just have to come down for the day.

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