Friday, April 24, 2009


Vespacific. It's not the cafe at Narrabeen that was recommended to me (turns out that one is next door), but it makes great coffee, the people are nice and I really like the decor. They have a couple of vespas on display plus an eclectic array of paintings and collectibles. The furniture is a mix of tables & chairs, and comfy looking red-leather (or vinyl) modern sofas. I love a good red sofa!

There's a bookshelf full of books (go figure) and magazines, and the whole room has a great feel. This is helped along by the polished concrete floor - not so much echo, so much less noisy.

I had a long black (as always) and a slice of lemon-lime tart and my hubby had a capp with home-made carrot cake. Yummy!!!!!

The cafe is on Ocean Street just across the road and up a bit from the Sands Hotel - opposite the beach. Find it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One of my locals...

having failed to visit any new cafes since my last post, I thought I'd mention one of my locals - the White Horse Cafe in Sutherland. Lovely strong coffee and really friendly great service. They also sell amazing Pear and Raspberry bread (my breakfast substitute of choice).

The single gripe I have is that it tends to get quite noisy from the machines and the people talking. Seeing how I'm usually one of those people sitting there talking, I suppose I'll have to overlook the noise levels.

Anyway, the coffee makes up for it all!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Coffee at Narrabeen

I was visiting Narrabeen (north of Sydney and about 1:15 drive from Sutherland) and stopped for a coffee. Went to the L90 (I'm pretty sure that's what it was called) on the main road, mainly because, other than Gloria Jeans, it was the only cafe I could find. Anyway, it advertised itself as selling the best coffee on the beaches. Not having drunk coffee anywhere else in the area, I can't exactly argue this point. I will say though that I had much better coffee (the best i've tasted yet) at Cafe Jacks in Kensington a couple of weeks ago.

It was comparable to the coffee I had in Redfern on Wednesday though, a small trendy and comfortable cafe near Redfern Park (just up from the corner of Chalmers and Redfern).

The service was good and the people friendly. My daughter ordered a banana thickshake and it was lovely!

I'll be up that way after Easter and will hunt out another cafe. In fact, probably more than one as I'll be visiting Narrabeen three days in a row!

Meantime, in Sutherland, plans are afoot for a coffee festival! I kind of hope the Mayan Coffee stall will be there, but there's no way of knowing just yet. I love their coffee! Anyway, as soon as I can find out who is booked for the festival I'll be sure to pass on the news.

Coffee @ Peace